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Read Jeremiah 14:7-10, 19-22

Read Jeremiah 14:7-10, 19-22

7     My people cry out to me,
‘Even though our sins accuse us,
help us, Lord, as you have promised.
We have turned away from you many times;
we have sinned against you.
8     You are Israel’s only hope;
you are the one who saves us from disaster.
Why are you like a stranger in our land,
like a traveller who stays for only one night?
9     Why are you like someone taken by surprise,
like a soldier powerless to help?
Surely, Lord, you are with us!
We are your people;
do not abandon us.’ ”
10 The Lord says about these people, “They love to run away from me, and they will not control themselves. So I am not pleased with them. I will remember the wrongs they have done and punish them because of their sins.”

19   Lord, have you completely rejected Judah?
Do you hate the people of Zion?
Why have you hurt us so badly
that we cannot be healed?
We looked for peace, but nothing good happened;
we hoped for healing, but terror came instead.
20   We have sinned against you, Lord;
we confess our own sins
and the sins of our ancestors.
21   Remember your promises and
do not despise us; do not bring disgrace on Jerusalem,
the place of your glorious throne.
Do not break the covenant you made with us.
22   None of the idols of the nations can send rain;
the sky by itself cannot make showers fall.
We have put our hope in you, O Lord our God,
because you are the one who does these things. [1]


After centuries of injustice, of rejecting God, of turning away from God’s law and God’s love the people of Israel are in real trouble.  God the Father has protected them from the consequences of their behavior for far too long. Now they complain to him because they feel he has abandoned him; but who has abandoned who? 


Lord, help us not to take advantage of your grace, and if we do – have mercy on us; transform and renew us we humbly pray.

[1] American Bible Society. (1992). The Holy Bible: The Good news Translation (2nd ed.). New York: American Bible Society.

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