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Read Job 19:23-27a

Read Job 19:23-27a

23   How I wish that someone would remember my words
and record them in a book!
24   Or with a chisel carve my words in stone
and write them so that they would last for ever.n
25   But I know there is someone in heaven
who will come at last to my defence.
26   Even after my skin is eaten by disease,
while still in this bodyo I will see God.p
27   I will see him with my own eyes,
and he will not be a stranger. [1]


We all know that Job had a terrible time.  He called out for justice; and longed for the day when he would see God in the flesh – and someone would argue his case before the LORD; he would be justified.


Lord, like Job, many will not experience justice in this world.  Where I am a victim of injustice I ask that you would raise me up.  And where I am a victor in injustice; I pray that you would (in your merciful and gracious way) bring me down.

n last for ever; or be on record.
o while still in this body; or although not in this body.
p Verse 26 in Hebrew is unclear.
[1] American Bible Society. (1992). The Holy Bible: The Good news Translation (2nd ed.). New York: American Bible Society.

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