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Read Isaiah 63:7-9

Read Isaiah 63:7-9

7     I will tell of the Lord’s unfailing love;
I praise him for all he has done for us.
He has richly blessed the people of Israel
because of his mercy and constant love.
8 The Lord said, “They are my people; they will not deceive me.” And so he saved them 9from all their suffering. It was not an angel, but the Lord himself who saved them. In his love and compassion he rescued them. He had always taken care of them in the past…


“It was not an angel, but the LORD himself who saved them…”
Isaiah was speaking about return from exile in Babylon, about escape from slavery in Egypt.  Today we think of escape from slavery to sin in Jesus sacrifice for our sins and resurrection.
He recognizes God’s action in the past, the present and foresees (unknown to himself) God’s action in the future.


As the year draws to a close; spend some time giving thanks for how God has ‘rescued’ this year.  Ask God to help you see how he is helping you now.  And pray that you will be open to his help in the year ahead.

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