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Read Isaiah 7:10-16

Read Isaiah 7:10-16

10 The Lord sent another message to Ahaz: 11“Ask the Lord your God to give you a sign. It can be from deep in the world of the dead or from high up in heaven.”
12 Ahaz answered, “I will not ask for a sign. I refuse to put the Lord to the test.”
13 To that Isaiah replied, “Listen, now, descendants of King David. It’s bad enough for you to wear out the patience of people—must you wear out God’s patience too? 14Well then, the Lord himself will give you a sign: a young womank who is pregnant will have a son and will name him ‘Immanuel.’l 15By the time he is old enough to make his own decisions, people will be drinking milk and eating honey.m 16Even before that time comes, the lands of those two kings who terrify you will be deserted.


Isaiah was letting King Ahaz know that things were going to be alright.  At the time the prophecy was for about 13 years (the age at which a child would come to know the difference between good and evil).  The child’s name was the most significant.  Immanuel; “God is with us.”
Christmas time is a time especially for recognizing the incarnation of God.  That God is Immanuel, with us.


Lord, help me to know your companionship; even through the most trying and distressing times.  God with us.

14 7.14: Mt 1:23
k young woman: The Hebrew word here translated “young woman” is not the specific term for “virgin”, but refers to any young woman of marriageable age. The use of “virgin” in Mt 1.23 reflects a Greek translation of the Old Testament, made some 500 years after Isaiah.
l immanuel: This name in Hebrew means “God is with us”.
m milk and honey: These foods were associated with the earlier days of Israel’s history.

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