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Read Psalm 146:5-10

Read Psalm 146:5-10

5     Happy are those who have the God of Jacob to help them
and who depend on the Lord their God,
6           the Creator of heaven, earth, and sea,
and all that is in them.
He always keeps his promises;
7           he judges in favour of the oppressed
and gives food to the hungry. The Lord sets prisoners free
8           and gives sight to the blind.
He lifts those who have fallen;
he loves his righteous people.
9     He protects the strangers who live in our land;
he helps widows and orphans,
but takes the wicked to their ruin.
10   The Lord is king for ever.
Your God, O Zion, will reign for all time.
Praise the Lord! [1]


We need to spend time reading scripture, meditating on the Psalms, worshipping God – because when we do we are reminded of the way things really are.  We get used to the wicked winning, people suffering injustice; and all the wrongs of the world.  We begin to believe that that is the way that things always will be.  This Psalm reminds us to see things differently as we hope in God.


Lord, sometimes the world seems so unfair that I begin to believe that that is the only way that things will ever be.  In this Advent season help me to believe in the triumph of your justice.  Amen.

6 146.6: Ac 4:24; 14:15
[1] American Bible Society. (1992). The Holy Bible: The Good news Translation (2nd ed.). New York: American Bible Society.

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