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Read Acts 2:14a and 22-32

Read Acts 2:14a and 22-32

14 Then Peter stood up with the other eleven apostles and in a loud voice began to speak to the crowd:
 22 “Listen to these words, fellow-Israelites! Jesus of Nazareth was a man whose divine authority was clearly proven to you by all the miracles and wonders which God performed through him. You yourselves know this, for it happened here among you. 23In accordance with his own plan God had already decided that Jesus would be handed over to you; and you killed him by letting sinful men crucify him. 24But God raised him from death, setting him free from its power, because it was impossible that death should hold him prisoner. 25For David said about him:
‘I saw the Lord before me at all times;
he is near me, and I will not be troubled.
26   And so I am filled with gladness,
and my words are full of joy.
And I, mortal though I am,
will rest assured in hope,
27   because you will not abandon me in the world of the dead;
you will not allow your faithful servant to rot in the grave.
28   You have shown me the paths that lead to life,
and your presence will fill me with joy.’
29 “My fellow-Israelites, I must speak to you plainly about our famous ancestor King David. He died and was buried, and his grave is here with us to this very day. 30He was a prophet, and he knew what God had promised him: God had made a vow that he would make one of David’s descendants a king, just as David was. 31David saw what God was going to do in the future, and so he spoke about the resurrection of the Messiah when he said:
‘He was not abandoned in the world of the dead;
his body did not rot in the grave.’
32God has raised this very Jesus from death, and we are all witnesses to this fact.


Peter – afraid for his life when Jesus was on trial – now – after resurrection, after Pentecost stands up to preach.  He preaches about the hope he has in Jesus’ eternal kingdom.  Part of his courage comes from the way he reads Psalm 16 (which we read yesterday) he recognizes that God is present and alive; leading us to life and joy.


Thank you for Peter; so afraid to speak up – just like we are; but empowered by the good news and the power of the Spirit to stand up and preach the truth.  Give me a sense of your presence today so that I would be more bold in standing up for your good news.

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