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Read Psalm 31:1-5 & 15-16

Read Psalm 31:1-5 & 15-16

*1In you, Lord, I have taken refuge;a
let me never be put to shame;
deliver me in your righteousness.b
2Turn your ear to me,c
come quickly to my rescue;d
be my rock of refuge,e
a strong fortress to save me.
3Since you are my rock and my fortress,f
for the sake of your nameg lead and guide me.
4Keep me free from the traph that is set for me,
for you are my refuge.i
5Into your hands I commit my spirit;j
redeem me, Lord, my faithful God.k
15My timesi are in your hands;
deliver me from the hands of my enemies,
from those who pursue me.
16Let your face shinej on your servant;
save me in your unfailing love.k


Verse 5 of this Psalm is famous because theses are Jesus' final words in the gospel according to Luke's gospel.  This Psalm is a Psalm about trusting in God; surrendering to God for justice.


Loving God, into your hand I commit my spirit.

* 31:1–24 is numbered 31:2–25 in Hebrew texts.
a S Ps 7:1
b Ps 5:8
c S Ps 6:4
d S Ex 2:17
e S 2Sa 22:3; S Ps 18:2
f S Ps 18:2
g S Ps 23:3
h S 1Sa 28:9; S Job 18:10
i Ps 9:9
j Lk 23:46; Ac 7:59
k Isa 45:19; 65:16
i S Job 14:5
j S Nu 6:25
k S Ps 6:4

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