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Read Psalm 66:8-20

Read Psalm 66:8-20

8     Praise our God, all nations;
let your praise be heard.
9     He has kept us alive
and has not allowed us to fall.
10   You have put us to the test, God;
as silver is purified by fire
so you have tested us.
11   You let us fall into a trap
and placed heavy burdens on our backs.
12   You let our enemies trample over us;
we went through fire and flood,
but now you have brought us to a place of safety.l
13   I will bring burnt offerings to your house;
I will offer you what I promised.
14   I will give you what I said I would
when I was in trouble.
15   I will offer sheep to be burnt on the altar;
I will sacrifice bulls and goats,
and the smoke will go up to the sky.
16   Come and listen, all who honour God,
and I will tell you what he has done for me.
17   I cried to him for help;
I praised him with songs.
18   If I had ignored my sins,
the Lord would not have listened to me.
19   But God has indeed heard me;
he has listened to my prayer.
20   I praise God,
because he did not reject my prayer
or keep back his constant love from me.


"We went through fire and flood, but now you have brought us to a place of safety."
- Psalm 66:12
The Psalmist celebrates the fact that God has rescued him.  And in response he goes to worship - and he testifies to the congregation about what God has done.
Will you tell other people what God has done for you?


How has God rescued and helped you?  Give thanks.

l Some ancient translations safety; Hebrew overflowing.

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