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Read Psalm 17:1-7 and 15

Read Psalm 17:1-7 and 15

Listen, O Lord, to my plea for justice;
pay attention to my cry for help!
Listen to my honest prayer.
2     You will judge in my favour,
because you know what is right.
3     You know my heart.
You have come to me at night;
you have examined me completely
and found no evil desire in me.
4     I speak no evil as others do;
I have obeyed your command
and have not followed paths of violence.
5     I have always walked in your way
and have never strayed from it.
6     I pray to you, O God, because you answer me;
so turn to me and listen to my words.
7     Reveal your wonderful love and save me;
at your side I am safe from my enemies.

15   But I will see you, because I have done no wrong;
and when I awake, your presence will fill me with joy.


In Psalm 17 the Psalmist cries out from a place of desperation for God's help.  He is asking for deliverance from his enemies and at the end (vs 14) he asks that God would curse them.

Who or what are your enemies?
Sometimes enemies are people who give us a hard time; but sometimes they are also internal things.

In verse 15 the Psalmist looks forward to the day on which he will see God fully.


With the Psalmist I pray that you would deliver me from my enemies - and with Jesus - I pray for them, that they would come to know your love. Fill me with the certain hope that you will finish the work you have begun in me and my life.

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