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Read Psalm 114

Read Psalm 114

When the people of Israel left Egypt,
when Jacob’s descendants left that foreign land,
2     Judah became the Lord’s holy people,
Israel became his own possession.
3     The Red Sea looked and ran away;
the River Jordan stopped flowing.
4     The mountains skipped like goats;
the hills jumped about like lambs.
5     What happened, Sea, to make you run away?
And you, O Jordan, why did you stop flowing?
6     You mountains, why did you skip like goats?
You hills, why did you jump about like lambs?
7     Tremble, earth, at the Lord’s coming,
at the presence of the God of Jacob,
8     who changes rocks into pools of water
and solid cliffs into flowing springs.


I love the imagery of this Psalm - the sea runs away, the mountains jump when God comes to help us.


Lord, I am so afraid of small things - but you are God and you are with and you love me.  Big things are afraid of you.

3 114.3 a: Ex 14:21
114.3 b: Js 3:16
8 114.8: Ex 17:1–17; Nu 20:2–13

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