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Read Psalm 78:1-7

Read Psalm 78:1-7

       Listen, my people, to my teaching,
and pay attention to what I say.
2     I am going to use wise sayings
and explain mysteries from the past,
3           things we have heard and known,
things that our ancestors told us.
4     We will not keep them from our children;
we will tell the next generation
about the Lord’s power and his great deeds
and the wonderful things he has done.
5     He gave laws to the people of Israel
and commandments to the descendants of Jacob.
He instructed our ancestors
to teach his laws to their children,
6     so that the next generation might learn them
and in turn should tell their children.
7     In this way they also would put their trust in God
and not forget what he has done,
but always obey his commandments.


This Psalm is a whole 72 verses long.  If you have the time, read the other 65 verses; they all act as a warning against forgetting who God is, what God has done and what God can do.
The aim of this Psalm is that people would 'trust God and keep his commands.'


Lord, your ways are better than mine but foolishly I often do things my own way - forgetting your great love and your mercy.
Remind me to trust you more than myself - and to do things your way rather than my own.

2 78.2: Mt 13:35

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