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Read Psalm 89:1-4 & 19-26

Read Psalm 89:1-4 & 19-26

O Lord, I will always sing of your constant love;
I will proclaim your faithfulness for ever.
2     I know that your love will last for all time,
that your faithfulness is as permanent as the sky.
3     You said, “I have made a covenant with the man I chose;
I have promised my servant David,
4     ‘A descendant of yours will always be king;
I will preserve your dynasty for ever.’ ”
19   In a vision long ago you said to your faithful servants,
“I have given help to a famous soldier;
I have given the throne to one I chose from the people.
20   I have made my servant David king
by anointing him with holy oil.
21   My strength will always be with him,
my power will make him strong.
22   His enemies will never succeed against him;
the wicked will not defeat him.
23   I will crush his foes
and kill everyone who hates him.
24   I will love him and be loyal to him;
I will make him always victorious.
25   I will extend his kingdom
from the Mediterranean to the River Euphrates.
26   He will say to me,
‘You are my father and my God;
you are my protector and saviour.’


Jesus fulfills God's promise to David in a way that no one had ever dreamed.  He takes up his place, enthroned at the right hand of God.
God hardly ever fulfills his promises to us in the way we expect him to.


Lord, for thousands of years the world waited for someone like Jesus to be enthroned.  He is enthroned at your right hand - but it is up to us to belong to him.  Help us to surrender to you today.

4 89.4: 2 S 7:12–16; 1 Ch 17:11–14; Ps 132:11; Ac 2:30
20 89.20 a: 1 S 13:14; Ac 13:22
89.20 b: 1 S 16:12

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