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Read Psalm 62:5-12

Read Psalm 62:5-12

5     I depend on God alone;
I put my hope in him.
6     He alone protects and saves me;
he is my defender,
and I shall never be defeated.
7     My salvation and honour depend on God;
he is my strong protector;
he is my shelter.
8     Trust in God at all times, my people.
Tell him all your troubles, for he is our refuge.
9     Human beings are all like a puff of breath;
great and small alike are worthless.
Put them on the scales, and they weigh nothing;
they are lighter than a mere breath.
10   Don’t put your trust in violence;
don’t hope to gain anything by robbery;
even if your riches increase,
don’t depend on them.
11   More than once I have heard God say
that power belongs to him
12         and that his love is constant.
You yourself, O Lord, reward everyone according to his deeds.


Depend on God alone, put your hope in him, human beings are a puff of breath - they weigh nothing - More than once I have heard God say that power belongs to him and that his love is constant.


God I keep trying to take things into my own hands, trusting in my own power.  You love me and you are powerful - help me to put my trust in you.

12 62.12: Job 34:11; Jr 17:10; Mt 16:27; Ro 2:6; Rev 2:23

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