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Lent 1B

23-27 February

Read Think Pray
Lent 1B


Read Psalm 25:1-10


"To you O Lord, I lift up my soul.  In you a put my trust" Vs 1&2


I love the image the Psalmist offers - lifting up your soul to the Lord.  Everything about us - our frailties, strengths, sins, goodness - we hold it up to God and trust him with it.
Spend some time 'lifting' your soul to the Lord.


Read Genesis 9:8-17


When last did you take notice of a rainbow - and remember this passage from Genesis.
A passage in which God promises to be patient with us - merciful with us.  God promises to help us work things out.


Lord - let me remember your rainbow.  Especially when I think you should be angry with me - you've promised to be patient.


Read 1 Peter 3:18-22


This passage is quite mysterious - and hard to interpret.  It seems to point to Jesus extending the offer of his ministry of reconciliation to all those who came before him too.


As I remember how you reached out to everyone - even in this case to those who died before you came; help me to reach out to all people - with your love and grace.


Read Mark 1:9-15


Mark gives us a concentrated account of Jesus' trial in the desert.  Jesus comes out victorious and preaches the Kingdom of God.  Our trials force us to choose between the Kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of God.


Lord - you know my trials.  Give me your strength to overcome.


Read Mark 8:31-38


Forget self.
Carry cross.
Follow Jesus.
You have to lose your life to save it.


Lord I prefer not to forget myself, carry my cross - and follow you.  Change my mind.  I need your help.

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