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Read Ephesians 4:25-5:2


Read Ephesians 4:25-5:2

25 No more lying, then! Each of you must tell the truth to one another, because we are all members together in the body of Christ. 26If you become angry, do not let your anger lead you into sin, and do not stay angry all day. 27Don’t give the Devil a chance. 28Those who used to rob must stop robbing and start working, in order to earn an honest living for themselves and to be able to help the poor. 29Do not use harmful words, but only helpful words, the kind that build up and provide what is needed, so that what you say will do good to those who hear you. 30And do not make God’s Holy Spirit sad; for the Spirit is God’s mark of ownership on you, a guarantee that the Day will come when God will set you free. 31Get rid of all bitterness, passion, and anger. No more shouting or insults, no more hateful feelings of any sort. 32Instead, be kind and tender-hearted to one another, and forgive one another, as God has forgiven you through Christ.
5  Since you are God’s dear children, you must try to be like him. 2Your life must be controlled by love, just as Christ loved us and gave his life for us as a sweet-smelling offering and sacrifice that pleases God.


After yesterday's sad story we need this message of hopefulness.  Paul tells the Ephesians to pull themselves together and behave in ways that make the Holy Spirit rejoice as they act as 'God's own dear children.'


Lord - it is hard to accept that I am your 'dear child' (5:1).  But because you loved me enough to die on the cross I know that despite my failures I am your child - you have chosen me.
By the power of your Holy Spirit help me to live like your child.

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