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Read Song of Songs 2:8-13


Read Song of Songs 2:8-13

8I hear my lover’s voice.
He comes running over the mountains,
racing across the hills to me.
9My lover is
like a gazelle, like a young stag.
There he stands beside the wall.
He looks in through the window
and glances through the lattice.
10My lover speaks to me.
The Man
Come then, my love;
my darling, come with me.
11The winter is over; the rains have stopped;
12in the countryside the flowers are in bloom.
This is the time for singing;
the song of doves is heard in the fields.
13Figs are beginning to ripen;
the air is fragrant with blossoming vines.
Come then, my love;
my darling, come with me.


The Song of Songs is a love poem, and it is in the Bible.  It works on multiple levels - on a literal level it is about a passionate relationship between a bride and a groom.
On another level - it speaks of our relationship with God; the church is the bride of Christ.
This passage speaks of the beauty and hopefulness of Spring.


Talk to God about your relationship with him.  Is it as passionate and exciting as it should be?  What can you do to improve the relationship?

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