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Read 1 Samuel 2:1-10


Read 1 Samuel 2:1-10

Hannah prayed:
“The Lord has filled my heart with joy;
how happy I am because of what he has done!
I laugh at my enemies;
how joyful I am because God has helped me!
2“No one is holy like the Lord;
there is none like him,
no protector like our God.
3Stop your loud boasting;
silence your proud words.
For the Lord is a God who knows,
and he judges all that people do.
4The bows of strong soldiers are broken,
but the weak grow strong.
5The people who once were well fed
now hire themselves out to get food,
but the hungry are hungry no more.
The childless wife has borne seven children,
but the mother of many is left with none.
6The Lord kills and restores to life;
he sends people to the world of the dead
and brings them back again.
7He makes some poor and others rich;
he humbles some and makes others great.
8He lifts the poor from the dust
and raises the needy from their misery.
He makes them companions of princes and puts them in places of honour.
The foundations of the earth belong to the Lord;
on them he has built the world.
9“He protects the lives of his faithful people,
but the wicked disappear in darkness;
a man does not triumph by his own strength.
10The Lord’s enemies will be destroyed;
he will thunder against them from heaven.
The Lord will judge the whole world;
he will give power to his king,
he will make his chosen king victorious.”


Instead of a Psalm we read Hannah's prayer of praise.  Hannah longed to have a child - when she did, she dedicated him to God - his name was Samuel.  He would be the prophet to anoint Saul and then David.


Pray Hannah's prayer of praise.

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