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Read Psalm 71:1-6


Read Psalm 71:1-6

Lord, I have come to you for protection;
never let me be defeated!
2Because you are righteous, help me and rescue me.
Listen to me and save me!
3Be my secure shelter
and a strong fortressy to protect me;
you are my refuge and defence.
4My God, rescue me from the wicked,
from the power of those who are cruel and evil.
5Sovereign Lord, I put my hope in you;
I have trusted in you since I was young.
6I have relied on you all my life;
you have protectedz me since the day I was born.
I will always praise you.


These verses of Psalm 71 are simple and heartfelt.  What does it mean to trust in God for protection?


Lord protect my soul from the things that wear it down.
Lord protect me from my own negativity.
Lord protect me from temptations.
Lord keep me trusting in you.

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