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Read Psalm 145:1-5 and 17-21


Read Psalm 145:1-5 and 17-21

I will proclaim your greatness, my God and king;
I will thank you for ever and ever.
2Every day I will thank you;
I will praise you for ever and ever.
3The Lord is great and is to be highly praised;
his greatness is beyond understanding.
4What you have done will be praised from one generation to the next;
they will proclaim your mighty acts.
5They will speak of your glory and majesty,
and I will meditate on your wonderful deeds.

17The Lord is righteous in all he does,
merciful in all his acts.
18He is near to those who call to him,
who call to him with sincerity.
19He supplies the needs of those who honour him;
he hears their cries and saves them.
20He protects everyone who loves him,
but he will destroy the wicked.
21I will always praise the Lord;
let all his creatures praise his holy name for ever.


Verses 1-3 are verses of joy.  Celebrating God's goodness; celebrating the Psalmists security in God.


Meditate on verses 1-3.  How can I proclaim your greatness today?  How can I give thanks to you?  How can I comprehend your greatness?

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