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Read Romans 1:1-7


Read Romans 1:1-7

From Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus and an apostle chosen and called by God to preach his Good News.
2 The Good News was promised long ago by God through his prophets, as written in the Holy Scriptures. 3It is about his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ: as to his humanity, he was born a descendant of David; 4as to his divine holiness, he was shown with great power to be the Son of God by being raised from death. 5Through him God gave me the privilege of being an apostle for the sake of Christ, in order to lead people of all nations to believe and obey. 6This also includes you who are in Rome, whom God has called to belong to Jesus Christ.
7 And so I write to all of you in Rome whom God loves and has called to be his own people:
May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace.


...I write to all of you in Rome whom God loves and has called to be his own people. - Romans 1:7
If you're reading this verse then - God loves you and he has called you to be a part of his family.


Lord - sometimes I feel like I don't belong.  I think differently, I look a bit different - I feel that if everyone knew my secrets they wouldn't love me.  But when I read this - I remember:  You love me.  You have called me to be a part of your family.

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