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Read Psalm 31:9-16


Read Psalm 31:9-16

9Be merciful to me, Lord,
for I am in trouble;
my eyes are tired from so much crying;
I am completely worn out.
10I am exhausted by sorrow,
and weeping has shortened my life.
I am weak from all my troubles;b
even my bones are wasting away.
11All my enemies, and especially my neighbours,
treat me with contempt;
those who know me are afraid of me;
when they see me in the street, they run away.
12Everyone has forgotten me, as though I were dead;
I am like something thrown away.
13I hear many enemies whispering;
terror is all round me.
They are making plans against me,
plotting to kill me.
14But my trust is in you, O Lord;
you are my God.
15I am always in your care;
save me from my enemies,
from those who persecute me.
16Look on your servant with kindness;
save me in your constant love.


The Psalmist asks God to save him from disaster.  Eyes worn out from crying, the sorrow of exhaustion.  This is a picture of someone truly at the end of their tether.  The Psalmist reminds himself - God looks with kindness and constant love.  This voice - overpowers the voices of those set out to destroy him.


Lord - my trust is in you.  You are my God.  I am always in your care.  Look on me with kindness, save me in your love.

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