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Read Psalm 105:1-11, 45b

Read Psalm 105:1-11, 45b

      Give thanks to the LORD, proclaim his greatness; 
      tell the nations what he has done. 
      2Sing praise to the LORD; 
      tell of the wonderful things he has done. 
      3Be glad that we belong to him; let all who worship him rejoice. 
      4Go to the LORD for help; 
      and worship him continually. 
      5–6You descendants of Abraham, his servant; 
      you descendants of Jacob, the man he chose: 
      remember the miracles that God performed 
      and the judgements that he gave. 

      7The LORD is our God; 
      his commands are for all the world. 
      8He will keep his covenant for ever, his promises for a thousand generations. 
      9He will keep the agreement he made with Abraham 
      and his promise to Isaac. 
      10The LORD made a covenant with Jacob, 
      one that will last for ever. 
      11“I will give you the land of Canaan,” he said. 
      “It will be your own possession.” 

      45 ...Praise the LORD! 


Giving thanks is an important discipline; remembering what God has done in the past - and knowing that God will be faithful in to the future.


Give thanks to God for his help in the past - and bring God your needs for the week ahead.

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