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Read Psalm 119:105-112


Read Psalm 119:105-112

     105Your word is a lamp to guide me
     and a light for my path.
     106I will keep my solemn promise
     to obey your just instructions.
     107My sufferings, LORD, are terrible indeed;
     keep me alive, as you have promised.
     108Accept my prayer of thanks, O LORD,
     and teach me your commands.
     109I am always ready to risk my life;
     Ib have not forgotten your law.
     110The wicked lay a trap for me,
     but I have not disobeyed your commands.
     111Your commandments are my eternal possession;
     they are the joy of my heart.
     112I have decided to obey your laws
     until the day I die.


"Your word is a lamp to guide me." - Ps 119:105  God's Word (capital W) is Jesus.  God's word (small w) is God's message.  God's message is conveyed through the scriptures, through Jesus, but God's message comes to us in many different ways.  Are you listening?  Are you receptive?  Do you offer God an open mind and an open heart?


"Let me hear your words above all other voices, above the distractions of this world." (From the song Your Words, by Mac Powell)

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