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Read Psalm 124


Read Psalm 124

Psalm 124
[A song by David for worship.]
    1 The LORD was on our side!
    Let everyone in Israel say:
    2 “The LORD was on our side!
    Otherwise, the enemy attack
    3 would have killed us all,
    because it was furious.
    4 We would have been swept away
    in a violent flood
    5of high and roaring waves.”
    6 Let’s praise the LORD!
    He protected us from enemies
    who were like wild animals,
    7 and we escaped like birds
    from a hunter’s torn net.
    8 The LORD made heaven and earth,
    and he is the one
    who sends us help.


The LORD was on our side!  ...Otherwise...  This Psalm considers how things could have been if God had not carried us by grace.  The Psalm speaks of physical threats to the people of Israel; we know too that we fight inner battles for which we desperately need God's grace and strength.


Pray verse 8: "The LORD made heaven and earth, and he is the one who sends us help."

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