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Read Romans 12:1-8


Read Romans 12:1-8

12Dear friends, God is good. So I beg you to offer your bodies to him as a living sacrifice, pure and pleasing. That’s the most sensible way to serve God. 2 Don’t be like the people of this world, but let God change the way you think. Then you will know how to do everything that is good and pleasing to him.
3 I realize how kind God has been to me, and so I tell each of you not to think you are better than you really are. Use good sense and measure yourself by the amount of faith that God has given you. 4 A body is made up of many parts, and each of them has its own use. 5 That’s how it is with us. There are many of us, but we each are part of the body of Christ, as well as part of one another.
6 God has also given each of us different gifts to use. If we can prophesy, we should do it according to the amount of faith we have. 7 If we can serve others, we should serve. If we can teach, we should teach. 8 If we can encourage others, we should encourage them. If we can give, we should be generous. If we are leaders, we should do our best. If we are good to others, we should do it cheerfully.


After 11 chapters of very high theology that explains how Christians are rescued from sin and death through the boundless grace of Christ Paul moves to the more practical.  Surrender yourself to God; and do your best part in the kingdom; he lifts up tasks that build others up:  Prophecy, Service, Teaching, Encouragement, Generosity, Leadership and 'Doing Good' - he encourages us to do all of these things 'cheerfully'. (With dancing eyes and a laughing heart.)


Whatever you call me to do - help me to do it 'cheerfully'.

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