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Read Matthew 18:15-20


Read Matthew 18:15-20

 15 If one of my followers sins against you, go and point out what was wrong. But do it in private, just between the two of you. If that person listens, you have won back a follower. 16 But if that one refuses to listen, take along one or two others. The Scriptures teach that every complaint must be proven true by two or more witnesses. 17 If the follower refuses to listen to them, report the matter to the church. Anyone who refuses to listen to the church must be treated like an unbeliever or a tax collector.
 18 I promise you that God in heaven will allow whatever you allow on earth, but he will not allow anything you don’t allow. 19 I promise that when any two of you on earth agree about something you are praying for, my Father in heaven will do it for you. 20 Whenever two or three of you come together in my name, I am there with you.


Jesus' goal for the Christian community is unity of heart and purpose.  Attaining this unity is not always easy - sometimes we will have to try win people to understanding our perspective.  Rather than remain offended, seek resolution; and if you can't attain that privately - get someone to help you.  Good advice.  Advice that we would do well to heed more often.


Lord I don't always get a long with everyone.  Most of the time I think I'm right and don't need to be corrected.  Help me to love in a way that helps me to be humble, kind and strong in you.

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