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Read Psalm 105:1-6 and 37-45

Read Psalm 105:1-6 and 37-45

     1 Praise the LORD
     and pray in his name!
     Tell everyone
     what he has done.
     2 Sing praises to the LORD!
     Tell about his miracles.
     3 Celebrate and worship
     his holy name
     with all your heart.
     4 Trust the LORD
     and his mighty power.
     5 Remember his miracles
     and all his wonders
     and his fair decisions.
     6 You belong to the family
     of Abraham, his servant;
     you are his chosen ones,
     the descendants of Jacob.

     37 When God led Israel from Egypt,
     they took silver and gold,
     and no one was left behind.
     38 The Egyptians were afraid
     and gladly let them go.
     39 God hid them under a cloud
     and guided them by fire
     during the night.
     40 When they asked for food,
     he sent more birds
     than they could eat.
     41 God even split open a rock,
     and streams of water
     gushed into the desert.
     42 God never forgot
     his sacred promise
     to his servant Abraham.
     43 When the Lord rescued
     his chosen people from Egypt,
     they celebrated with songs.
     44 The Lord gave them the land
     and everything else
     the nations had worked for.
     45 He did this so that his people
     would obey all of his laws.
     Shout praises to the LORD!


Verse 39 reminds us how God hid the people under a cloud during their journey through the desert.  It would be nice to have a visible reminder of God's presence with us during difficult times.  For Christians the visible reminders are the sacraments of baptism and communion; an outward sign of invisible grace.


Help me to become more aware of your real presence with me every day.  Although I might not see the cloud; I know you are here with me on the journey.

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