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Read Psalm 114

Read Psalm 114

     1 God brought his people
     out of Egypt, that land
     with a strange language.
     2 He made Judah his holy place
     and ruled over Israel.
     3 When the sea looked at God,
     it ran away,
     and the Jordan River
     flowed upstream.
     4 The mountains and the hills
     skipped around like goats.
     5 Ask the sea why it ran away
     or ask the Jordan
     why it flowed upstream.
     6 Ask the mountains and the hills
     why they skipped like goats!
     7 Earth, you will tremble,
     when the Lord God of Jacob
     comes near,
     8 because he turns solid rock
     into flowing streams
     and pools of water.


The story for tomorrow reminds us of God's presence with the Israelites on their journey out of slavery in Egypt.  This Psalm describes the ways in which waters retreat when they see God.  Whatever challenges you face, God is with you.


Lord - help me to remember how the waters retreat when they see your power - let me remember that you are with me every day.

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