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Read Psalm 78:1-4 and 12-16


Read Psalm 78:1-4 and 12-16

[A special psalm by Asaph.]
    1 My friends, I beg you
    to listen as I teach.
    2 I will give instruction
    and explain the mystery
    of what happened long ago.
    3 These are things we learned
    from our ancestors,
    4 and we will tell them
    to the next generation.
    We won’t keep secret
    the glorious deeds
    and the mighty miracles
    of the LORD.

    12 he did for their ancestors
    near Zoan in Egypt.
    13 God made a path in the sea
    and piled up the water
    as he led them across.
    14 He guided them during the day
    with a cloud,
    and each night he led them
    with a flaming fire.
    15 God made water flow
    from rocks
     he split open
    in the desert,
    and his people drank freely,
    as though from a lake.
    16 He made streams gush out
    like rivers from rocks.


"These are the things we learned from our ancestors and we will tell them to the next generation..." (Psalm 78:3-4)


Pray that we would have the wisdom and integrity to share the good news of God's deeds and great love with the next generation.

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