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Read 1 Corinthians 7:29-31


Read 1 Corinthians 7:29-31

29 What I mean, brothers, is that the time is short. From now on those who have wives should live as if they had none; 30 those who mourn, as if they did not; those who are happy, as if they were not; those who buy something, as if it were not theirs to keep; 31 those who use the things of the world, as if not engrossed in them. For this world in its present form is passing away.


"...this world in its present form is passing away." (1 Cor 7:31)
Paul has been writing to the Corinthians about whether those who are unmarried should get married.  Paul is so confident that Christ will return soon that he encourages people to abstain - and focus completely on working for the Kingdom of God.
What does it mean for you to focus more on the Kingdom of God than on the cares of this world?


Lord show me the things that keep me from focussing on and serving you.  Teach me to live a life in balance.

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