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Read Psalm 116:1-9


Read Psalm 116:1-9

I love the Lord, because he hears me;
he listens to my prayers.
2 He listens to me
every time I call to him.
3 The danger of death was all round me;
the horrors of the grave closed in on me;
I was filled with fear and anxiety.
4 Then I called to the Lord,
“I beg you, Lord, save me!”
5 The Lord is merciful and good;
our God is compassionate.
6 The Lord protects the helpless;
when I was in danger, he saved me.
7 Be confident, my heart,
because the Lord has been good to me.
8 The Lord saved me from death;
he stopped my tears
and kept me from defeat.
9 And so I walk in the presence of the Lord
in the world of the living.


Verse 1 doubly emphasizes the fact that God hears and he also listens.  The ultimate answer in verse 9 is that God saves the Psalmist - and the life the Psalmist receives is ‘to walk in the presence of the Lord’.


Speak - the Lord is listening.

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