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Read Psalm 15


Read Psalm 15

      LORD, who may enter your Temple?
     Who may worship on Zion, your sacred hill?

     2Those who obey God in everything
     and always do what is right,
     whose words are true and sincere,
     3and who do not slander others.
     They do no wrong to their friends
     nor spread rumours about their neighbours.
     4They despise those whom God rejects,
     but honour those who obey the LORD.
     They always do what they promise,
     no matter how much it may cost.
     5They make loans without charging interest
     and cannot be bribed to testify against the innocent.

     Whoever does these things will always be secure. 


This kind of Psalm helps us to examine ourselves.  Have we done what is right?  Have we spoken the truth?  Have we slandered others?  Have we done wrong to our friends, spread rumours about our neighbours?


Lord examine me.  Convict me.  Renew me.

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