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Read Psalm 119:1-8


Read Psalm 119:1-8

            Happy are those whose lives are faultless,
     who live according to the law of the LORD.
     2      Happy are those who follow his commands,
     who obey him with all their heart.
     3      They never do wrong;
     they walk in the LORD’s ways.
     4      LORD, you have given us your laws
     and told us to obey them faithfully.
     5      How I hope that I shall be faithful
     in keeping your instructions!
     6      If I pay attention to all your commands,
     then I will not be put to shame.
     7      As I learn your righteous judgements,
     I will praise you with a pure heart.
     8      I will obey your laws;
     never abandon me! 


"Happy are those who follow his commands, who obey him with all their heart" - Verse 2. How wholehearted are we in our obedience to God who loves us and cares for us?


Loving God; Purify my heart so that I will love you and follow you wholeheartedly.

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