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Read Isaiah 50:4-9


Read Isaiah 50:4-9

The Sovereign Lord has taught me what to say,
   so that I can strengthen the weary.
Every morning he makes me eager
   to hear what he is going to teach me.
5 The Lord has given me understanding,
   and I have not rebelled
   or turned away from him.
6 I bared my back to those who beat me.
   I did not stop them when they insulted me,
   when they pulled out the hairs of my beard
   and spit in my face.

7 But their insults cannot hurt me
   because the Sovereign Lord gives me help.
I brace myself to endure them.
   I know that I will not be disgraced,
8     for God is near,
   and he will prove me innocent.
Does anyone dare bring charges against me?
   Let us go to court together!
   Let him bring his accusation!
9 The Sovereign Lord himself defends me—
   who, then, can prove me guilty?
All my accusers will disappear;
   they will vanish like moth-eaten cloth.

Good News Translation (GNT)
Copyright © 1992 by American Bible Society


"Every morning he makes me eager
   to hear what he is going to teach me." (Isaiah 50:4)


Lord help me to become curious about what you have to say to me - help me to learn from my negative and positive experiences and always to trust in you.

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