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Sorry - I've been a bit slack...

Hello Read Think Prayers,

My apologies for not having sent devotions over the past few weeks.

The video services and other lockdown related responsibilities have really disrupted my routine.

I would love to say: "I'll get the reflections going again next week..."

But I think I'd be over promising.  

So for a moment - please forgive me as I take a break from writing the Read Think Prays.

I've posted 1,678 of them over the past few years and they're still up online - so you are welcome to click through to 'Read Think Pray' and "help yourself" to past issues for now.

I'll probably resume posting again some time in the future - but for now I'm going to 'officially' take a break.

You are also welcome to follow my Bible Studies and Services on YouTube

God bless,

Rev Gus Kelly

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